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In our quest to make it easy, we created Astro Concierge.

We work together with you to identify what your in-room & housekeeping consumables are. After this, we establish a guaranteed cost per room for your hotel. This means if your occupancy goes down so do your costs, if the occupancy rises the cost will be based on the agreed-upon room rate... So, there are no hidden costs or unexpected surprises. Astro Concierge helps you effectively forecast and budget based on seasonal highs and lows which streamlines your cash flow and eliminates the hassles.

Because we’re here to make it EASY for you - You will get one invoice per month based on the guaranteed room cost and all from one supplier!


How It Works!

When your hotel’s success and growth are tied to how well you manage your margin you need the right solution to achieve long-term success.

We will supply all your in-room and housekeeping consumables:

  • Bathroom Toiletries & Accessories
  • In-room Tea & Coffee Condiments
  • Toilet Paper & Facial Tissues
  • Cleaning consumables
  • And much more...

We will agree on a cost per occupied room for the above supplies, and you will only pay per room sold.

You will receive one payable invoice per month based on the room nights sold in the given month, and payment will be made via direct debit.





Chateau Marlborough Hotel completed a 12 Month Trial with Astro Concierge. Over this time, I looked at how it worked, how it saved us time and money, and how it effectively streamlined our cash flow. Astro is a fabulous company to work with and the team helped answer any questions we had around the service so we could get the best possible results. I highly recommend the program!

Lynley Mckinnon, Chateau Marlborough Hotel General Manager 



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