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Part 3 The Hotel Dispenser Movement | Hygiene

The third concern Gary raises is the Hygiene levels of dispensers.
It's a soap dispenser, how unhygienic could that be? This is the question we get often and rightly so, how can something that is meant to kill germs grow bacteria!

This concern is one of the most overlooked issues in the industry because we have the perception that soap is clean and will eliminate any bacteria in its environment. However, unless there are very strict and regular maintenance programs adopted by the hotel, unfortunately, this is simply not the case.

According to research, 20-25% per cent of bulk dispensers will have a large content of bacteria. This can happen after just a few months of installation where bacteria will begin to form when the product comes in to contact with the air that it’s exposed to in the refilling process. Bulk liquid comes in large quantities which housekeeping then transfer again into smaller dispensing bottles to make it more manageable before then refilling the guest room dispensers. That means that the liquid is exposed to the open environment at least twice before the guest uses the product. It also sits in an environment in the guest’s bathroom which is the perfect conditions for growing bacteria, as it is usually damp, humid and warm.

This exposes your guests to serious risk if your guest has a cut or wound and they use a contaminated product to wash themselves this can put them at risk of infection which could even be traced back to your hotel. We recommend that you use a completely non-refillable system. With a sealed system such as smart care or press and wash, this means that when your guest uses the product it is the first time that the product is exposed to the external environment. This eliminates any risk of contamination or bacteria growing in the dispenser, giving you and your guest the peace of mind and safety, they deserve.

Having a non-refillable dispenser system is important to maintain high hygiene and safety levels for your guests and to eliminate the risk of contamination.