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The Hotel Dispenser Movement Part 4 | Availability

The fourth concern Gary Leff raises in his article is Availability. 
From Gary’s experience often the dispensers aren’t refilled, which then adds a huge frustration to the guest experience when this happens. Remember eliminating frustrations is crucial to creating a great guest experience. The easier you make it for your housekeepers to ensure the dispensers are refilled the less likely your guests will experience their dispenser running out, in fact, it should be so easy that it is almost impossible for them not to get checked. Choose a system that makes it is easy for your housekeeping team to view the liquid level, so they can see at a glance if there is enough product for your guests. 

Reliability is also a concern amongst travellers. With many dispenser systems having moving parts such as pumps, the reality is they will break down sometimes and we never know when this might happen but as we know these things can happen at the most inconvenient times. Like when your guest has just checked in at 1:00 am after a long-haul flight and their shampoo dispenser breaks leaving them highly frustrated.

Systems such as the smart care and press and wash that have a viewing pane or are slightly transparent which mean your housekeeping team can see the level of liquid in the dispensers and can see when they need to be replaced. Your hotel needs a system that is reliable and easy to service. By using a system with no moving parts or maintenance requirements such as the Smart Care and Press & Wash dispenser systems, this eliminates frustration for your guests and makes it easier for your staff to maintain.