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The Hotel Dispenser Movement Part 5 | The Experience

The fifth concern Gary Leff raises in his article is the Guest Experience
“It’s not a premium experience” Gary mentions. We 100% agree that small individual bottles and tubes are the ultimate for the guest experience however as we know the downfall is the negative impact on the environment. Today’s traveller is becoming more and more savvy about the impact of any single-use plastic on the environment so it’s important that your hotel can offer a premium experience and reduce your environmental impact if you choose the right dispenser system for your hotel.

Ensure the product is high quality and delightful to use, test the product yourself. If you or your team don’t like the product to use it’s not likely your guest will. We are seeing a move of hotels globally changing from their own brands to global retail or spa brands that their guests can trust.
Smart Care and Press & Wash ensure a superior guest experience as they have reputable global retail & spa brands available. The guest still has beautiful product available to use, and you can show that you care about the environment by reducing plastic which will resonate with your guests because there are so many discerning travellers that take note of your environmental responsibility.

While we agree to a certain extent that dispensers don’t offer a ‘premium experience’ we believe that through the right dispenser system your hotel can arrive at an equilibrium between superior guest experience and a great environmental story.