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The Hotel Dispenser Movement Part 1

Hotels globally are making the bold move to bathroom dispenser systems to reduce plastic waste, is your hotel is looking to do the same?
It's loud and clear that dispensers are becoming more and more common in the hotel guest room, if your hotel is looking to join this global movement it's important you choose a system which is both efficient and doesn’t impact negatively on the guest experience.

In an article written by traveller Gary Leff a seasoned traveller, he expresses 5 concerns as a guest about hotels moving to bathroom dispensers from individual bottles and tubes. In this blog series, we will unpack his concerns about dispensers, and how we can address them to arrive at an equilibrium between great guest experience and a positive impact on our planet.
The first concern Gary raises is Authenticity, is what it says on the bottle true to the product inside?

The most common type of dispenser systems in hotels are bulk refill dispensers where the hotel tops up the dispensers. From the guest’s perspective, this could be anything, there is nothing stopping the hotel using a counterfeit product to refill the dispensers to save costs. 
Gary raises a point that with smaller induvial bottles these are far less likely to be counterfeit compared to bulk refill dispensers. While small bottles are the ultimate for the guest experience the largest downfall, as we all know, is the wastage and the negative impact they have on the environment with the plastic waste.

We 100% agree with this concern and to overcome this we recommend using a 100% non-fillable dispenser such as the Smart Care or Press + Wash systems. Both systems cannot be refilled, giving your guest the peace of mind that what product they think they are using is 100% genuine and true to the label on the outside. Changing to dispensers is a big decision for your hotel and by choosing the wrong system can, unfortunately, have a negative response from your guests,
 however, if done right this can show your guests you are making a positive impact on our planet without impacting your guest experience.

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