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Kettles may seem a simple piece of equipment but here is 5 things you should know before you buy one for your Hotel:

1.What is the wattage of the kettle you are considering? 
Domestic kettles are typically 2400w which is great for a home environment. But when it comes to a hotel or motel, this has a dramatic effect on your power consumption. The Duchesse kettle is only 1250w which is nearly half the wattage but doesn’t affect the speed of boil and is super quiet. Thus dramatically reducing your power consumption. 
2. Is the element concealed?
There are a number of low cost kettles that have the element visible in the kettle. This creates issues and makes it hard to clean. The best option is concealed elements so it’s just like a stainless steel bowl to clean. 
3.What is the size of the kettle?
Typically the 1.7L kettle has been used in our industry. However as creatures of habit we tend to fill a kettle to the max, thus making it draw more power. The 800ml Duchesse is the perfect size for hotel rooms and you can still have enough water for 3 to 4 cups. A great way to reduce your power consumption! 
​ 4. Are spare parts available?
​ It’s always good to know that if something happens that the lid gets broken off or the switch needs replacing that you can replace the part. We have a full range of spare parts available for our equipment so that you can replace any part that is needed and get it back in business without having to throw the kettle away and replace it. (not that we have had to replace any parts due to the quality of our product) 
​ 5. What is the warranty? 
​ Did you know that using a domestic appliance in a commercial environment like a hotel or motel means that it only has a 3 month warranty. Our range has a full 12 month warranty which gives you peace of mind!