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Hotel Bedding Supplies In NZ

You know that after a guest checks out of your hotel or motel they are most likely going to write a review of their experience, which will influence other potential guests and inform their decision in terms of whether they will stay with you or not. One thing that consistently turns up in reviews is mention of the comfort level of the bed. This is the most important area to get right and those that fail on this front can expect a tough battle to regain customer trust.

When it comes to hotel bedding supplies in New Zealand here at Astro Hospitality we understand that not all hotels or motels are seeking to provide a five-star luxury experience and as such their needs are a little more conservative. The one thing that never changes regardless of whether you are aiming at the high-end or budget-focused traveller is the desire to give guests a good night’s sleep.

As such, we carry over 2,000 product lines that are designed to meet the budgetary requirements of all hoteliers and hospitality managers. Our products are categorised in terms of ‘good’, ‘better’ and ‘best’, and we strive to ensure that each level offers a comfortable experience that your guests will enjoy.

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Why Good Bed Linen is Vital

The hospitality industry is one that garners a very high level of reviews both online and in the trade magazines. Everybody knows what they want from a room and everybody knows when they have experienced something that was below average, or that exceeded their expectations.

As such, the pressure has never been higher to consistently deliver great experiences for guests. Bed linen is an area that people take very seriously because they are going to have a very close connection with it over the duration of their stay, and so getting this right could not be more important.

Research indicates that 96% of guests would never stay at the same hotel again if they found that the bed linen was stained or of poor quality. A bad night’s sleep makes for a cranky guest, and rightly so. Nobody wants to sleep in uncomfortable fabrics, particularly when they have paid good money for more.

However, guests always respond favourably where they stay at a hotel that provides pristine bed linen that is comfortable. Something this simple can inspire loyalty from customers and could generate the kind of word of mouth that will drive and sustain your business in the months and years ahead.

Fast, Friendly and On-Time 

At Astro Hospitality, we are hotel linen suppliers that are just as committed to the experiences of your guests as you are. Over the past 20 years, we have consistently delivered products to our clients that meet their expectations and allow them to benefit from the kind of positive reviews that help build a brand.

So, when you need hotel linen in New Zealand and want a supplier that is fast, friendly, efficient and will guarantee on-time delivery and superior product lines, look no further than right here at Astro Hospitality. We look forward to doing everything we can to help you enhance your guests’ experience.

Astro is the leading supplier of Hotel & Motel product supplies in Newzealand. We supply all kinds of consumables including Guest Amenities, Tea and Coffee, Rubbish Trolleys, Guest Amenities, Guest Toiletries, Paper Products, Porter Trolleys, Toilet Tissues, Linen, Condiments & many other range of products in NZ.

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