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Environmental appliances Part 1

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Environmental appliances Part 1

Does your hotel replace your guest room appliances

  If your answer is yes, you are not alone. Many hotels across New Zealand replace their appliances regularly, without 

realising their impact on the environment every time they replace a kettle, iron, hairdryer or whatever the appliance may be.

Increased waste going to landfill

Extra packaging waste by replacing old appliances.
 With every new appliance you purchase whether it's a kettle, iron, hairdryer, you name it, it comes with a fresh lot of packaging for shipping and storage to ensure that they arrive to your hotel in pristine condition.So every time you have to replace an appliance you also have to discard a lot of unnecessary packaging which undoubtedly ends up in landfill!

Where do the old appliances end up? 
So you go into your guest room to replace an old hairdryer that has broken down or a kettle that is leaking. After you get your new appliance out of its packaging where do your old appliances end their life? Landfill, they never break down.

What carbon footprint does each appliance carry?

For every appliance that is ever manufactured, it carries it's own carbon footprint with it. From the raw materials required to manufacture the product, to being shipped into New Zealand before being shipped again throughout the country to your hotel, a small appliance can have a large impact. Think of every appliance you replace, causing its own little impact on the environment. Put that across thousands of guest rooms across New Zealand, and it all adds up to have a significant impact on the environment. 

So what is the answer to avoiding replacing appliances regularly?

There is one simple answer to reduce this impact on the environment. Choose Quality Appliances.

Purchase appliances that are:
  • High Quality.
  • Hotel Specific.
  • Built to last
  • Durable
This will reduce the need for replacing appliances as often. JVD is a french hotel specific appliances brand we represent in New Zealand and is a brand known for its high quality and durability, meaning you will have to replace your appliances less often.
Imagine how much less packaging and old appliances can be saved through choosing appliances that last.



Choose Quality Appliances. It won't cost the earth. 


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