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How you can reduce water and power consumption by choosing the right kettles! 

Kettles are an appliance that is found in every hotel room, and choosing the right kettle is an easy way you can reduce both water and energy consumption. Unfortunately, too often, domestic kettles are used more.


Does your hotel replace your guest room appliances regularly?

If your answer is yes, you are not alone. Many hotels across New Zealand replace their appliances regularly, without realising their impact on the environment every time they replace a kettle, iron, hairdryer or whatever the appliance may more.

Introducing the Hotel Weka

Finally there is a solution for all those part used toiletries that go to landfill! We have just released The Hotel Weka, a recycling programme for hotel toiletries. The plastic is remanufactured in to concrete accessories for building foundations. Stay tuned as we release more details!


The Seamless Guest Experience

Do you think that something as insignificant as a kettle won’t have an impact on your guest experience? Think again.    We know how important exceptional customer service and friendly staff is and how it impacts the feel of your hotel. You know, the friendly greeting from the concierge and easy check in experience set the initial stage

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The Hotel Dispenser Movement
Part 5

“It’s not a premium experience” Gary mentions. We 100% agree that small individual bottles and tubes are the ultimate for the guest experience however as we know the downfall is the negative impact on the environment.
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The Hotel Dispenser Movement
Part 4

The fourth concern Gary Leff raises in his article is Availability. From Gary’s experience often the dispensers aren’t refilled, which then adds a huge frustration to the guest experience when this happens Read More... 

The Hotel Dispenser Movement
Part 3

The third concern Gary raises is the Hygiene levels of dispensers. It's a soap dispenser, how unhygienic could that be? This is the question we get often and rightly so, how can something that is meant to kill germs grow bacteria! This concern is one of the most overlooked issues in the industry Read More... 

The Hotel Dispenser Movement
Part 2

. This week we will address the second concern that is covered in an article written by traveller Gary Leff a seasoned traveller, as he expresses 5 concerns as a guest about hotels moving to bathroom dispensers from individual bottles and tubes. The second concern Gary raises is Security. How can I be sure that the previous guest hasn’t put something foreign inside the dispenser? Read More... 

The Hotel Dispenser Movement
Part 1

Hotels globally are making the bold move to bathroom dispenser systems to reduce plastic waste, is your hotel is looking to do the same? 
It's loud and clear that dispensers are becoming more and more common in the hotel guest room, if your hotel is looking to join this global movement it's important you choose a system which is both efficient and doesn’t impact negatively on the guest experience...continue reading 


Order online in November and Win!
Every order online in November goes in to win a luxury rituals pamper pack, one to be won every week in November!

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Evoque Hotel Inspiration Launch Event!
Missed the launch day? Take a look at some images of this fantastic event!

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Evoque Hotel Inspiration Now Open!
New Zealand's First Hotel Showroom officially opened on the 7th of November, this space is purely dedicated to the hotel industry...





Quest Supplier of the Year 2018
The team here at Astro are so proud to be nominated as the supplier of the year for Quest Apartment Hotels for the 3rd time, thank you Quest for your ongoing support, we love doing business with you!