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Seamless Guest Experience

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Seamless Guest Experience

Do you think that something as insignificant as a kettle won’t have an impact on your guest experience? Think again.

   We know how important exceptional customer service and friendly staff is and how it impacts the feel of your hotel. You know, the friendly greeting from the concierge and easy check in experience set the initial stage for your guest and their expectations. However, what we can control directly stops as soon as the guest enters their room, from here it is all about the touch points within the guest room that shapes the guest experience after all the room is mostly why they are there in the first place, and what they will critique when reviewing.   Think about this... 
 As your guest goes about their stay it’s important that their stay is seamless and enjoyable. Think of a time where you checked into your hotel room and everything worked like clockwork, lighting was great, the kettle worked, the iron was quality and ironed well, the ironing board was easy to assemble, the hair dryer dried your hair faster than at home, the safe was easy to operate, the list goes on. Think of how you felt. Chances are you were relaxed and enjoyed your stay. Compare that to a stay that you may have had where the experience wasn’t quite so seamless, maybe the kettle leaked slightly, or the hair dryer took longer than usual to dry your hair or was the minibar fridge a little noisy. It’s likely you were a little frustrated and not as relaxed as these small issues grew into bigger frustrations.

It’s by eliminating any frustrations that can make all the difference to how your guest felt, they may not be able to pinpoint what made their stay enjoyable but it's about the what they experienced that may transform that review from a 4 to a 5 or 5 to a 4. Make your guests’ stay seamless and remove frustrations, this will show in your reviews.

Our team is in hotel rooms daily, this enables us to share ideas that work well and suggest improvements for your hotel rooms to eliminate frustrations. Call us to discuss your property to see how we can help make your guest’s stay more seamless and enjoyable.