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The Hotel Dispenser Movement Part 5 | The Experience

Small toiletry bottles and tubes have become a staple for the traditional hotel guest experience, but following heavy criticism around single-use plastic, many hoteliers are starting to phase these individual amenities out and are looking for alternatives. Astro’s Smart Care Bathroom Dispensers eliminate the use of single-use plastics and promote sustainability.

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The Hotel Dispenser Movement Part 4 | Availability

Hotel soap dispensers aren’t typically refilled which adds frustration to the overall guest experience. To eliminate this challenge Astro’s Smart Care Bathroom Dispenser System is simple for staff to maintain, easy to service, and are 100% reliable.

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The Hotel Dispenser Movement Part 3 | Hygiene

It's a soap dispenser, how unhygienic could that be? This is the question we get often and rightly, how can something that is meant to kill germs grow bacteria! The Smart Care system for Hotel  Bathrooms is extra-hygienic, 100% tamper-proof, eco-friendly and ensures guest safety.

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The Hotel Dispenser Movement Part 2 | Security

When using hotel bathroom dispensers in the guest room a common concern is around Security. How can visitors be sure that the previous guest hasn’t put something foreign inside the dispenser? Astro’s Smart Care System is 100% tamper-proof & theft-proof.

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Nature Meets Tradition

Discover the best of past and present days with Naturals REMEDIES a vegan-friendly organic range.

The Hotel Dispenser Movement Part 1 | Authenticity

In an article written by traveller Gary Leff a seasoned traveller, he expresses 5 concerns as a guest about hotels moving to bathroom dispensers from individual bottles and tubes. The first concern Gary raises is Authenticity, is what it says on the bottle true to the product inside?