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How To Successfully Reopen Your Motel After Lockdown

Reopening after a COVID shutdown presents unique challenges for owners and operators. It’s essential to do your due diligence before opening your doors and we've got Six game-changing business tips that will help you on the road to success.

Top 5 Tips for Hotels Reopening After Lockdown

Whether you are in Lockdown Level 2 already or looking forward to Level 3, this means you may be reopening your hotel soon as the restrictions lighten. To help simplify the complex and eliminate the challenges we’ve put together our Top 5 Reopening Tips. 

The Hotel Dispenser Movement Part 5 | The Experience

“It’s not a premium experience” Gary mentions. We 100% agree that small individual bottles and tubes are the ultimate for the guest experience however as we know the downfall is the negative impact on the environment.

The Hotel Dispenser Movement Part 4 | Availability

From experience often the dispensers aren’t refilled, which then adds a huge frustration to the guest experience when this happens. Remember eliminating frustrations is crucial to creating a great guest experience.

The Hotel Dispenser Movement Part 3 | Hygiene

It's a soap dispenser, how unhygienic could that be? This is the question we get often and rightly so, how can something that is meant to kill germs grow bacteria!

The Hotel Dispenser Movement Part 2

Earlier we covered how Authenticity is a common concern for guests using bathroom dispensers in the guest room. The second concern Gary raises is Security. How can I be sure that the previous guest hasn’t put something foreign inside the dispenser?

Helping Hotels Support the Future of New Zealand at no extra cost...

Choosing the right bathroom amenities used to be an afterthought for hotels, but now it’s just as important as choosing the right bedding. With the competition to ‘wow’ guests turning fierce hoteliers are looking at ways to differentiate themselves and provide a superior experience. Astro Hospitality established ‘6 For Good’ to do just that. Check out our recent article and see how your property can help young people reach their full potential and build a brighter more sustainable future.

Top 5 Hotel & Motel Trends in 2021 & Beyond

As we start 2021 New Zealand's hospitality industry is bouncing back from COVID-19 by implementing innovative trends that will evolve how hotels and motels operate in the future. If you want to get the keys to profitability and providing a superior guest experience check out our recent article.

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We held our first webinar to help our clients through this challenging COVID-19 crisis. Watch the recording here.

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