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Bedside Clocks

Bedside clocks can be a heavy pain point for your housekeeping team - having to reset the time if a guest has switched it off and the mistake having alarms go off from previous guests can be a nightmare.

Our clocks have been designed specifically for the hotel environment - single set alarms and time that can only be adjusted by your housekeepers is just the start.

Most models also have USB charging points which are becoming more and more popular in an increasingly digital age.


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Alarm Clocks For Your Guest Rooms

Hotel Clock Options for NZ Hoteliers

The digital age has transformed the way that we all engage with technology. Almost every aspect of our lives is now programmable and so we have become accustomed to certain luxuries and conveniences. Those that are in the process of designing a new hotel, or refurbishing existing premises will undoubtedly consider whether there is any need for a hotel clock that sits on the bedside locker, given the ubiquity of smartphones and smart technology.

At Astro Hospitality, we supply hospitality products to hotels and motels across New Zealand and have done so for the past 20 years. In that time we have seen huge changes to technology in terms of the design of products that are made specifically for the hospitality industry and as such we are aware of the trends that exist in the market.

In New Zealand, there is a high demand for customisation, personalisation, innovation and new experiences. When it comes to design, this is where customers are increasingly turning their attention and as such the way they review properties is more to do with the consistency of the experience and how everything in their room and beyond ties together. While technology may seem to have out-dated the traditional clock, there is plenty of innovation on this front alone that makes it an essential part of any hospitality suite.

Why the Hotel Alarm Clock is Back in Fashion

Think in terms of who your customers are. Regardless of what age bracket they are in, the reality is that the vast majority are now equipped with a digital device of some form. The younger generations in particular now access their music libraries from their phones, however, when it comes to playing the music they like, a phone will only deliver so much volume and a certain level of quality.

As such, the hotel alarm clock has stepped up to the plate and now offers Bluetooth capabilities as well as USB connection points that enable your guests to connect to it as they see fit, charge their devices and experience a better quality of sound in their room. The clock naturally still acts as an effective time display and can broadcast radio, which adds to the ambience of the room if so desired, and it will, of course, still serve as an alarm.

Here at Astro Hospitality, we now stock a range of high-quality Bluetooth enabled hotel clocks that are compact, stylish and offer the kind of connectivity your guests will increasingly come to expect when they visit your hotel. Those that have never experienced one before may be surprised and impressed by your progressive approach to design and you will inevitably see this reflected in their reviews.

Solutions to Meet All Your Needs

At Astro Hospitality, we don’t just limit ourselves to the smaller items for hotels and motels. Among our product ranges you will be able to find the best of options in terms of appliances and equipment, toiletries, trolleys, cleaning products, vacuums, washroom products and goods that are designed to be environmentally friendly and built for a sustainable future.

What’s more, our ability to dispatch orders on the same day ensures that our clients are never caught short when supplies run low and can continue to deliver the kind of memorable experiences all guests hope for.

So, for all of your hotel and motel hospitality products at exceptional prices and a level of customer service that guarantees you a hassle-free and stress-free experience, get in touch with our team here at Astro Hospitality today and let us help you achieve a new level of service.