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Rubbish & Recycling Bins

Do you make it easy for your guests to travel sustainably?

By offering recycling bins in your guest rooms, this enables your guests to sort their rubbish in their guest rooms which also makes it easier for your housekeepers as well to save them time instead of sorting the rubbish out of guest room bins.

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Hotel Pedal Bins

Hotel Bins for New Zealand’s Hospitality Industry

If you run a hotel or motel you will be aware that in recent years potential guests and visitors to your premises will ask or inquire about environmental issues and what the business is doing to contribute to a sustainable future. While once it was enough to deliver a great service, now hoteliers are required to consider the impact their efforts have on the environment and how best they can tailor their services to meet the changing attitudes of their guests.

Something as simple as the hotel bins can be a sticking point for those that are committed to recycling, and so when you want to ensure that your business meets their needs, it is essential that you have a supplier that has the appropriate solutions when you need them.

Here at Astro Hospitality, as the leading suppliers of hospitality products in New Zealand, we are just as aware of this issue as you are, because many more hotel managers and motel operators are turning to us for solutions that address such issues.

Our can-do attitude means that when a challenge is presented we will find a solution and so we do our utmost to deliver a wide range of products, carrying over 2,000 product lines at the moment, that is designed for all budgets but delivers the same kind of results that are required.

Raising The Bar

Here at Astro Hospitality, we appreciate that in order to engage, inspire and deliver memorable experiences it is not enough to simply roll out the traditional old-fashioned systems. As such, we are determined to constantly raise the bar and deliver choice and options to our clients that affords them the luxury of exceeding customer expectations and bringing something new to the highly-competitive hospitality market that will give them an edge over their competitors.

Hotel recycling bins are now the norm, but it is just as important for some guests that they play their part in disposing of their waste in an ethical manner. As such, here at Astro Hospitality, we supply 2-compartment recycling bins that are designed with easy to identify recycle and non-recycle insignias so that your guests can bin their waste correctly.

In terms of the design, we offer two different options. The first is stainless steel 16-litre step pedal bins with easy to identify coloured pedals that make it easy to discern between regular waste and recycling waste each and every time. The second design is an open-top 14-litre black bin, best suited to kitchen use where immediate access is required at all times.

They are extremely easy to remove and clean, and when it comes time for your visitors to leave a review of their stay on your premises, you can be certain to see many more positive comments that speak to your dedication to sustainability.

A Customer Base to be Proud Of

At Astro Hospitality, we are very proud of our customer base which includes such well-known names as, Choice Hotels, Rydges Hotels-Resorts, Heritage Hotels, Millenium Hotels and Resorts, IHG, Accor Hotels, Quest Aparment Hotels, Event Hotels and Skycity. Testimonials from our clients are available to view on our site and rest assured that no matter what you need, our super helpful, highly-trained customer support staff is here to find a solution.

So, if you are looking for new hotel bins, or simply need a supplier you can rely on to bring you products that will empower you to deliver a new level of guest experience, look no further than Astro Hospitality.