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Hotel Security Options

Hotel Safe Options In New Zealand

In the hospitality business, it is important that guests feel comfortable, welcome and safe. While providing exceptional comforts and the best bed linen available ensure a great night’s sleep and lend a sense of luxury to the experience, the hotel safe offers New Zealand visitors that added sense of freedom.

Here at Astro Hospitality, we are the number one professional suppliers of hospitality products to motels and hotels across New Zealand. Since our establishment in 1998, we have brought a level of service to those in the hospitality industry previously unseen and continue to push out the boundaries of our services so that we can respond appropriately and quickly to the increasingly diverse needs of our clients.

Why Each Room Should Have Its Own Safe

Your guests will always have valuable items in their possession, everything from passports to cash to credit cards and jewellery. As such, where their room is not equipped with a safe they will inevitably trust the care of such items to the reception area, which means that in some instances the reception safe could become cluttered and items could be misplaced, where a proper system is not in place.

However, some guests will, of course, choose not to give them high-value items to the receptionist and therefore may leave them in the room. It is very easy to misplace or lose something in a hotel or motel, and so where a guest returns from a day out to find that one of their items is not where they believed they left it, this can quickly turn into accusations directed toward the house keeping  staff.

Here at Astro Hospitality, we appreciate that the customer is always right and efforts should always be made to rectify any situation, but with a safe in the room, this may prompt a customer to double down on their efforts to search before they report.

Loyal guests that are not accustomed to finding a safe in their room will be pleased by this upgrade, as it indicates that you are looking out for their best interests. A small safe for your New Zealand hotel and motel rooms could be the difference between a positive and negative review and is an inexpensive way to add value to your customers' experience.

Suggestion – a common requirement is for the safe to be able to contain laptop or tablet, most of our safes can.

Committed to Memorable Experiences

At Astro Hospitality, we are committed to empowering you to deliver memorable experiences for all of your guests and our ability to dispatch orders on the same day will ensure that you are never caught short for supplies. Among our product ranges are:

-    appliances and equipment

-    guest toiletries

-    trolleys

-    guest room accessories

-    tea & coffee supplier

-    paper products

-    cleaning products

-    Vacuums & machinery

-    Washroom products

-    Textiles & Linens

With the demand for new ideas, customisation, personalisation and new experiences constantly on the rise, a security safe is a simple way to make visitors to New Zealand feel even more welcome, and enables them to venture out to explore our wonderful islands safe in the knowledge that their personal belongings are locked up tight and are safe.

So, if you are hoping to enhance your guests’ experiences while at your hotel or motel get in touch with the team here at Astro Hospitality today.