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Single Wall Bracket for Six for Good + Crimson & Co 500ml

SKU: SB500-1

$40.95 + GST
Single Wall Bracket for Six for Good + Crimson & Co 500ml



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Our single wall-mounted bracket has been created in an environmentally and aesthetically pleasing way. Once the 500ml dispenser bottle has been placed into the secure locking mechanism it prevents the bottle from being removed from the bracket. The tamper-proof feature keeps the contents 100% hygienic, uncontaminated and ensures your guests’ safety. Although the model is tamper resistant the bottle can be easily pumped, making your guests’ lives super easy. Thanks to the minimalist design the dispenser looks like it’s floating on the wall and easily showcases the products which keeps the shower clutter-free.

Product Details:

  • Sustainable: The brackets are produced with renewable energy and without hazardous emissions.
  • Bracket Type: Lockable with a tamper proof feature.
  • Version: Comes in a Single or Triple Holder.
  • Size: 500ml / 16,9 fl oz

Design: Sleek, modern & minimalistic

To avoid unnecessary holes in the wall the bracket system comes with a pre-applied 3M adhesive tape option. For adhesive-based installations, there are 3 key factors that must be carefully considered: Surface Preparations, Area of Contact & Wait.