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Ecopack Compostable Bin Liner, 27L (500X585H)

SKU: ED2027

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Ecopack Compostable Bin Liner, 27L (500X585H)



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These 27L compostable bin liners singlet bags are perfect for medium-sized stand-alone or pull-out bins. They contain corn starch and are certified home and commercial compostable. Feature handles to make them easy to carry and extra microns for strength.

Product Details:

  • Capacity: 27 litres
  • Size: 500mm(w) X 585mm(h)
  • Bags per roll: 20
  • Rolls in a carton: 20

Typically contain a mixture of polymers including PBAT, PLA and a plant-based polymer (such as corn-starch or sugarcane). Compostable materials are designed to degrade in moist conditions and return to carbon dioxide and water without leaving harmful residues in the process. Please note that all compostable products are not equal – some are only suitable for industrial/commercial composting (which is limited in NZ) and won’t break down adequately in your backyard compost. Look for home composting certifications like those you’ll see on all ecopack compostable products. Ecopack compostable/biodegradable products are made with GMO-free corn starch and designed to break down in 90 – 180 days (depending on the compost environment).