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Kemsol Decarboniser 4.5kg


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Decarboniser is a readily dissolvable powder. Suitable for cleaning of cooking equipment, utensils including aluminum items. For best results soak these items overnight in the soaking tank.

  • Removes Heavy Build-up
  • Fast Acting
  • Time and Labour Saving
  • Specially Formulated

Heat 100 litres of fresh water in tank between 73-82 deg c. Add 1 x 4.5 kg pottle of Decarboniser to the heated water and stir until dissolved. Add soiled equipment for soaking - times will vary depending on soiling levels. Remove items from soak tank the next morning. Wash items in the sink using a manual sink detergent to remove any residual product. Scrub with a non-abrasive scrub pad or a nylon scrub brush if necessary. Rinse items well and allow to air dry. 1 x Decarboniser Solution should be emptied and replaced every 30 days.


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Kemsol Decarboniser 4.5kg
Sku: DECR45
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