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Bio Bugs Drain Cleaner 1kg

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Bio Bugs Drain Cleaner 1kg



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The Bio-CHEM bio bugs cleaner is a concentrated powder that eliminates fat, oil and grease. It is also perfect for removing organic material, fruit fly, drain fly breeding areas, odours and assist in managing of grease trap FOG levels. The blue powder cleaner comes in a 1kg pail that includes a scoop for easy use. The powder is concentrated to eliminates fat, oil and grease Flexible and able to be dosed to the user's requirements.

Directions of Use:

Grease Traps: Ideally dose once a day for 7 days then once a week, ongoing. Use the sachet (10-50 grams) or scoop (30 grams), add to the drain waste, sink or basin where there is a blockage or build-up of FOG. The further away from the grease trap the better the result. BioBugs can be added directly to the grease trap as an initial charge.

Toilets, Urinals and Blocked Pipes: Use the sachet or scoop to add to the area you wish to unblock. Add and wait 5 minutes for the foam to build up then either flush or add water.

Septic Systems: Dose based on how busy your system is being loaded. High Loads once a week and low loads once a month, 30-50 grams.

Portaloos: Dose 10 grams for weekly hire. Dose 30-50 grams per 1-2 weeks depending on how heavy the usage is.