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Bio-Cleaner Multipurpose Enzyme Cleaner 5L


$61.95 + GST
Bio-Cleaner Multipurpose Enzyme Cleaner 5L



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Bio-CLEANER is part of our new generation cleaning system called B+B=C.
This means Biological + Biodegradable = Cleaning

Bio-CLEANER contains naturally occurring bacteria with enzymes and readily biodegradable surfactants blended to swiftly remove grime, dirt, odour, blockages caused by fats, oil and grease (FOG) which collect in pipes, floors, grease traps, effluent, sewage and wastewater systems. It will quickly remove foul odours caused by a build-up of fat, oil, grease and waste, and prevents the odour from returning with regular maintenance.

Bio-CLEANER is an excellent cleaner for all hard surfaces including bathrooms, showers and toilet blocks in restaurants, motels, hotels, camping grounds and general commercial washrooms. It is very effective in public and general toilets where high traffic is experienced. After cleaning take the waste water and dispose in the urinal or toilet if no urinal is present. Over time the regular dosing of the urinal will slowly remove uric crystals removing the need to use harsh acids. Bio-CLEANER has a pleasant long-lasting fragrance. 

Bio-CLEANER can be diluted up to 50-1.



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