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Say No-19 Evaporating Alcohol Hard Surface Sanitiser, 5L

SKU: SN195

70% Alcohol Spray
Made in New Zealand

This product is an excellent sanitiser for any application. It contains 70% ethanol alcohol v/v with denaturant and the added benefit of 0.5% Chlorhexidine. It is an ideal product for use as a touchpoint cleaner for transportation (steering wheels), medical (after each patient), pharmacy (after each customer), cafes and food preparation (after each customer), commercial (computer keyboards, phones and door handles) plus all other common touchpoints where the chain of infection is needed to be broken. For example, light switches, fridges, dishwashers, door handles, forklifts.

Directions for Use:
Clear the surface of gross soils that needs to be sanitised. Spray directly onto the surface and either wipe or allow to dry. Using a wipe - either spray and wipe or apply directly onto the wipe and use. This product will evaporate quickly leaving the surface dry.


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Say No-19 Evaporating Alcohol Hard Surface Sanitiser, 5L
Sku: SN195
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