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Luxury Oliver Hemming Songbird Alarm Clock. Bluetooth


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Oliver Hemming Songbird Alarm Clock.

Uptown Ebony Songbird Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clock with 2 usb ports for phone charging.

Songbird is an active Bluetooth speaker with an analogue alarm clock. It delivers a beautifully refined tone with impeccable good looks and is very easy to use. The simple intuitive controls make Songbird a perfect accessory for any hotel or motel and need no explanation for any moderately tech aware user. Enjoy the aesthetics of a perfectly designed analogue alarm clock with state-of-the-art hi-fi audio playback. The V4 Bluetooth is simple to connect and delivers CD quality sound reproduction that will bring your music and videos to life on your tablet or phone with exceptional ease. 

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Benefits & Solutions.
- An exceptional audio and analogue timepiece combination
- The Bluetooth V4.0 system reproduces CD sound quality wirelessly
- 16 watts of distortion-free sound to suit all music tastes
- The 100% silent clock movement
- Night light and snooze function
- 2 USB phone charging ports
- Simple and intuitive controls
- Compatible with all phones and tablets
- As Bluetooth is upgradeable,
Songbird will continue to function with all future editions.

Size: (w x h x d)

Uptown: 105 x 195 x 120 mm

Downtown: 195 x 105 x 120 mm


Alarm Clock:

Silent sweep action movement
3 step ascending alarm tone
Snooze function
Night light, push button activation
AA battery


Volume + -
Pause / Play
Night light
Alarm set
Time setting


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