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Rest Organic Chamomile Teabags, Charity Tea, 500/ctn


$198.45 + GST
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Rest Organic Chamomile Teabags, Charity Tea, 500/ctn



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Invite a little more tranquility to your day with Rest Organic Chamomile Tea Bags. 

This delicate tea is made from pure, dried chamomile flowers. Widely known for its calming nature, chamomile tea is a beneficial caffeine-free drink for both an afternoon break and a pre-bedtime beverage. 

Like most premium chamomile teas, Rest Organic Chamomile Tea Bags can also help to soothe digestion, reduce stress and promote improved sleep patterns. 

With anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile is considered a beneficial herb in supporting healthy hair and skin, reducing muscle spasms and even helping boost your immune system. 

Certified Organic ingredients

Pure chamomile flowers are dried to create this deliciously soothing Rest Organic Chamomile Tea Bags.  

Carefully selected from growers in Egypt, the flowers are renowned for their beneficial properties in supporting digestion and detoxifying the body. 

All ingredients in this organic chamomile tea are sourced from Certified Organic growers. When possible, we purchase our tea leaves and herbs from smaller farms to support local communities. 

Beautifully refreshing as a hot drink and a cooling iced tea, this herbal tea contains no added sweeteners, colours or preservatives. 

All of our tea bags are compostable and completely free from plastic, tags, staples and dyes.



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