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Royal Porcelain Chelsea Saucer-150mm for C94048

SKU: C94049

With each piece fired at extremely high temperatures and with double glazing, Royal Porcelain Chelsea presents with a smooth white finish and a brilliant shine. Highly resistant to scratches, chipping and chemical reactions, ensuring durability. With a wide range of distinct body shapes and accessory items the Chelsea collection allows you to create a table setting to compliment any occasion.

  • Double glazing
  • Scratch and chip resistant
  • Chemical reaction resistant

Product Dimensions:15cm x 15cm x 2.3cm (Out of Pack)

Care Instructions: Dishwasher Safe

Fits Cup - C94048

$41.15 GST excl.
12 pk
Royal Porcelain Chelsea Saucer-150mm for C94048
Sku: C94049
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