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Body Zone Collection

Treat your guests to some unexpected moments of self-indulgence with the luxury Body Zone care collection. 

Body Zone Black

With its striking design and luxury ingredients, Body Zone black label Collection is bound to treat your guests with some unexpected moments of self-indulgence. 


Simple. Elegant. Contemporary.

Vertu products are designed to pamper and indulge your guests in a world of soft subtle fragrances.


Rituals is the No. 1 bath & Body brand in europe. Every product tells a unique story and is inspired by an ancient eastern tradition or philosophy.


Defined by Nature, Led by Science

The luxury British skincare and spa brand delivers clinically trialled therapies and products for face and body. 

The White Company

The White Company provides a contemporary, highly desired brand that brings style & comfort together. The brand brings a choice in luxury, with two contemporary fragrance ranges.


Eartherapy is a signature collection of nourishing formulations which indulge your senses and cleanse your skin.


With SPA we recognize the importance of relaxation. Its mild and soothing ingredients are formulated to help relax and refresh body and mind.

Luxury Hotel Toiletries Wholesale

Hotel Toiletries Supplier NZ

Astro are the number one hotel wholesale toiletries suppliers to the New Zealand hospitality industry. We stock all the finest luxury hotel toiletries supplies, so you can offer your guests the optimal quality that earns good reviews and keeps them coming back.

New Zealand has a highly competitive accommodation market, where it's important for each service provider to find ways to stand out from the competition and exceed the expectations of their guests. The selection of your hotel toiletries supplier has a more important role to play in this than you probably think.

What Makes You Different than Other Properties

Guests really do care about the little extra touches you provide that make the difference between a good stay and an exceptional one. When you're stocking products provided by luxury hotel toiletries suppliers like Astro, guests will notice this, and it will delight them.

You see, when you provide high quality hotel guest toiletries in your rooms, it creates a strong perception of added value, and will help you compare favourably with other hotel operators. Toiletries suppliers in New Zealand are as diverse as the range of hotel accommodation available, so it's very important to choose your hotel toiletries suppliers with care.

One factor you may not have thought about in terms of the increased importance of toiletries is the airline ban on carrying liquids and gels. Since many guests can't bring their favourite items with them when they travel, it therefore comes as something of a relief to find their host has taken care of providing quality hotel toiletries. Wholesale packs for the New Zealand hotel industry are also made in convenient travel-safe sizes, allowing guests to keep the unusued portion of the toiletries provided if they should choose to.

You should never feel bad when guests do use and keep the toiletries you provide, because it is wonderful feedback that you made the correct choices, and that they're very pleased with the added value you're providing.

Leading Supplier of Hotel Toiletries

In our quest to become the leading hotel toiletry suppliers in New Zealand, we invested heavily into researching and sourcing the best hotel toiletries supplies, to increase the chance of maximum guest engagement with the products, helping your hotel to maintain a positive image.

That's the big difference you get when you work with Astro. We have the long-term experience in the New Zealand hotel industry to understand the dynamics of the market, and we know the importance of creating a positive customer experience. We're a large enough company that we have resources to invest into development, but still small enough that our customers know our team on a first name basis.

Fast Shipping with Satisfaction Guarantee

Ultimately it's the little extra things we do that make such a big difference. That includes things like our same day dispatch guarantee, and iron-clad money back guarantee in the unlikely event that you're ever less than fully satisfied with anything you purchase from us.

We value every customer and every transaction, and we never stop working to make sure we're always your first choice for hotel supplies in New Zealand.