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Chargers & Power Accessories


Are you familiar with the late-night call to reception from guests because they have forgotten their phone charger? The chances are you have and you've just lent out your last one to another guest! 

Want to make your guest's life easier? Now you can remove their frustration and save your time.

Having in-room wireless charging devices that are designed to deliver fast battery top-ups will leave a smile on their face. The simple and quick installation of these charging units enhances your rooms and their experience. All your guests need to do is simply place their phone on the pad and it starts charging instantly... gone are the days of those annoying cables!

The non-slip surface ensures their phone charges even if texts and calls come through. With an easy-to-understand light system that goes from green, amber and red, they will know when their phone is done charging, is in progress or if a foreign object has been detected. With top-quality electronics, your guests won't be held up waiting around... they will be hitting the ready for their next outing in no time!



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