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Press & Wash Dispenser System


A passion for sport and fashion, comfortable elegance and an extremely refined feel for quality – this is the formula that has been ensuring the success of the Bogner brand for more than 85 years. Learn more about the Bogner brand at 

The floral-fresh fragrance enlivens your body and mind with an expressive, dynamic scent composition featuring citrus and orange notes, jasmine and rose notes on a slightly woody musk base.

  • Each cartridge lasts approximately 4 weeks.
  • Non-Drip patented design.
  • 100% Recyclable.
  • Tamper Proof.
  • 100% Hygenic.
  • Saves housekeeping time, less than 15 seconds to change a cartridge.
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Press & Wash Wall Brackets

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The Hotel Weka

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