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Fastest Growing Bath & Body Brand in Europe


Inspired by the wisdom and ancient traditions of Asian cultures, we created an extensive collection of luxurious yet affordable products for home and body this has now extended to your hotel guests. Rituals will enrich your guests stay using unique signature fragrances that are carefully designed and composed by the world’s finest perfumers. Learn more about Rituals at

Rituals have two collections available: Rituals of Happy Buddha & Rituals Treat.

Ritual of Happy Buddha

The ritual of Happy Buddha is inspired by the ancient Chinese monk whose legendary smile brought happiness wherever he went. The uplifting fragrance is based on sweet orange and cedarwood.

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Rituals Treat

During your hotel guests’ stay, they will experience the 5 diverse rituals, all with their own unique stories and fragrances.

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Fragrance and Washroom Products

Enhance the experience of your public areas with rituals fragrance diffusers and washroom dispensers.


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The Hotel Weka

Toiletries Recycling program for NZ hotels
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