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Since our inception in 2000, Astro Hospitality has not only carved a niche as a pivotal partner for hoteliers across New Zealand but has also woven the fabric of family into the core of our business. Initially embarking on a mission to serve the local hospitality industry, we rapidly expanded our footprint nationwide, positioning ourselves as the premier ally for hotels aiming to elevate their guest experience. Integral to this journey has been our family’s involvement, whose dedication and passion have been pivotal in shaping the company’s ethos and approach.

Astro Hospitality stands out by simplifying decision-making processes for hoteliers with a strategy deeply rooted in a meticulously curated product range. This range is not merely about tackling operational hurdles; it’s crafted with the ultimate guest experience in mind, embodying the warmth and inclusivity that our family-led business prides itself on. Our commitment to innovation means we are constantly on the pulse of global trends, ensuring that our offerings are current and predictive of future needs.

Astro Hospitality goes beyond merely keeping hotels and motels abreast with the times by amalgamating a diverse array of cutting-edge products with top-tier services and infusing them with the essence of family values. We empower these establishments to consistently deliver a superior guest experience, making memorable stays not an exception but a standard. Our focus on excellence, innovation, and family-driven values offers hotels a competitive advantage. Whether it’s the latest in-room technology, luxurious amenities, or operational software, Astro provides a comprehensive solution that caters to every aspect of the modern hotel environment. Astro Hospitality is not just a supplier; we are a partner in redefining hospitality excellence, ensuring that hotels across New Zealand can meet and exceed their guests’ expectations, making every stay an unforgettable experience. Through our family’s involvement, we underscore the belief that at the heart of hospitality lies a personal touch, making us more than just a business but a member of your extended hotel family.

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Let us help you create a superior guest experience.
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Let us help you create a superior guest experience.
Contact our team!