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We have made it our responsibility to help NZ Hotels create
Sustainable Guest Experiences.

We believe that sustainability is a journey, not a destination. There is always room for improvement and new developments to ensure we are contributing to our sustainability goals.

The need for environmental protection forms an integral part of Astro Hospitality's business philosophy. The fact that our activities or those of our employees may have an effect on the environment is of great consequence to us. We, therefore, endeavour to operate in harmony with the environment along with helping NZ hotels and motels become more sustainable without compromising on their guest experience.

Leading the
Dispenser Movement

By educating our customers to shift from single-use toiletries to wall-mounted dispenser systems we have saved an estimated 2 Million+ bottles and tubes from hitting landfills!

The Hotel
The Hotel WEKA is an end-to-end recycling program that makes it easy for you to dispose of your plastic waste. So far, over 10,000+ plastic toiletry bottles, tubes and dispensers have been saved from hitting the landfills!
Long-Lasting &
Energy Efficient Appliances

Supplying quality-grade appliances helps minimize energy consumption, cuts down operational costs & attracts socially responsible guests. Hotel-specific appliances, like JVD, have a substantial environmental impact. 

Our Key Areas of Sustainability

The Hotel WEKA is an end-to-end recycling program that makes it easy for you to dispose of your plastic toiletry waste.

The Cocoon at our Showroom showcases the latest eco-friendly global trends so your hotel can drive sustainable tourism. 

To make a positive difference in the world we provide practical tips & examples our customers can apply to help their hotels become more sustainable.

We are a thoughtful organization committed to protecting our planet by ensuring we source our materials in a sustainable & ethical way. 

To aim for a zero-carbon footprint we minimize our energy consumption and seek to implement green initiatives where possible.

To reduce our carbon emissions we partner with the most efficient carriers to deliver our goods through the North & South Island.

Sustainability cannot be achieved alone. We partner with suppliers to work towards a common goal - creating a better future for generations to come.

We lead by example and educate our employees on sustainable tourism practices so we as a team can inspire our customers to make eco-friendly choices.