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With the right hotel safe, your guests will feel secure.


In the hospitality business, it is important that your guests feel comfortable, welcome and safe. While providing exceptional comforts and a great night’s sleep having a hotel safe that offers your visitors that added sense of security is essential.

Why Each Room Should Have Its Own Safe

Your guests will always have valuable items in their possession, everything from passports to cash to credit cards and jewellery. As such, if their room is not equipped with a safe they may trust the reception area to look after their valuable possessions. Unfortunately, in some instances, the reception safe can become cluttered resulting in their items being misplaced if there is not a proper system is not in place.

However, some guests will, of course, choose not to give their high-value items to the receptionist which means they may leave them in the room. It is very easy to misplace or lose valuables in a hotel or motel so having a secure safe in place helps ensure you and your team avoid any accusations directed toward the housekeeping staff.

Loyal guests that are not accustomed to finding a safe in their room will be pleased by this upgrade, as it indicates that you are looking out for their best interests. A small safe for your New Zealand hotel and motel rooms could be the difference between a positive and negative review and is an inexpensive way to add value to your customers' experience.


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