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Same-Day Dispatch For All Orders Placed Before 4pm

At Astro, we’re dedicated to connecting every corner of the country with our comprehensive network, offering an unrivalled next-day delivery promise. Here’s how we make it happen:

Astro’s Nationwide Reach: Astro extends its arms across New Zealand, uniting the North and South Islands with unparalleled logistic efficiency. Our strategic positioning and dedicated team ensure every corner of the country can access our exceptional service.

Astro’s Next-Day Promise: We stand by our commitment to deliver your parcels the next day, anywhere in New Zealand. Our promise is our bond, ensuring your deliveries arrive promptly, no matter the distance.

Seamless Deliveries by Astro: Experience the convenience of hassle-free delivery with Astro. From the moment you place your order to the instant it lands at your doorstep, we guarantee a smooth, seamless process tailored to your satisfaction.

Astro’s Strategic Hubs: Our distribution centres are the backbone of our operation in the heart of the North and South Islands. These hubs enable us to efficiently manage and expedite deliveries, ensuring our next-day delivery promise.

Across the Isles with Astro: Our service weaves through New Zealand’s diverse landscapes, showcasing our commitment to connecting customers everywhere with rapid and reliable delivery.

Astro’s Commitment to Timeliness: At Astro, timeliness isn’t just a goal; it’s a guarantee. We pledge to honour our next-day delivery promise, ensuring your trust in our reliability is always found. 

Astro is more than a delivery service; we’re your partner in bridging distances, ensuring your parcels arrive safely and swiftly wherever you are in New Zealand.


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