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Tea & Coffee Wholesale Suppliers

Hotel Tea Coffee Supplier NZ

Hotels in New Zealand are always in need of a steady supply of high quality hotel tea and coffee supplies to meet the needs of their guests. For many years, Astro has been the trusted name among wholesale tea and coffee suppliers to the New Zealand hospitality industry.

But here at Astro, we're so much more than just a hotel tea and coffee wholesale supplier. We actually can provide the full profile of every supply item needed by any hospitality business anywhere in New Zealand or the Pacific Islands.

That is a very wide range of products, but even just within the category we're already talking about with you, there is more on offer than you'd probably expect.

Items including confectionery, breakfast cereals, biscuits, jams and spreads, water bottles, UHT milk, salt, pepper, tea and coffee sachets, hot chocolate sachets, sugar sachets, Equal sweetener sachets, plunger coffee bags, bulk instant coffee, napkins, display trays and accessories are all available directly from Astro.

So, yes, there is no need to find a separate hotel confectionery products supplier, because Astro has all your hotel supply needs covered. Anyway, as a hotel tea and coffee products supplier, our aim is to always be consistently the best.

We’ve Got A Huge Selection To Choose From

You'll find there's a great variation in hotel coffee suppliers, with some focusing only on the low end of the market, which is not really the way to help hotel clients earn favourable reviews from guests.

People actually take coffee much more seriously than what would be logical, so it's one of those areas where you need to be especially careful to provide a quality that is consistent with what your guests are expecting.

As a hotel tea and coffee supplier (and also a hotel confectionery supplier), we try to stock as much choice for our customers as we possibly can, so you can more easily achieve the quality match between provision and expectation. You'll see that unlike many tea and coffee wholesale suppliers, there is a good selection of premium brands, and even our bulk instant coffee is of a very high standard.

You will find that Astro are no ordinary tea and coffee suppliers. We have anticipated all the needs our customers and their guests are likely to have, and we invested heavily in setting up an infrastructure to maintain a constant supply of high quality products all year round.

Of course, when you're dealing with Astro, you're dealing with a company that sincerely wants to give you the very best products and customer service. So if there's anything we've overlooked in anticipation of your needs, it's a very simple matter to put that right.

Have a Question? Get in Touch!

Just get in touch with us on 0800 466 966 (a toll free number from anywhere in New Zealand) and let us know what's on your mind. We'll be delighted to work out a solution with you.