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If you think about all of the waste that leaves a hotel every day it is a staggering amount, not only in terms of the food and packaging but also in the chemicals that run down the drain. Hotels across the world are embracing new ways of carrying out their services to make a much more sustainable future.

Customers expect that no matter which industry they engage with the companies that provide their products and services should take measures that meet green standards. Where hospitality is concerned, guests searching for hotels with environmentally friendly shampoo in New Zealand are not uncommon, and as such, it is worth considering even the smallest details if a hotelier is to survive and thrive into the future.

That's why Eco-Therapy is a great choice when striving to make a difference.


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Want to recycle your empty /partially used toiletries?

The Hotel WEKA
End-to-End Recycling Programme
Making a difference.  One piece at a time.


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The Hotel Weka

Toiletries Recycling program for NZ hotels
Making a difference one piece at a time