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Durable, Reliable & Robust Bin Liners

Have you given much thought to which rubbish bin liners are being used at your hotel?

To purchase the right rubbish bags you should have a good idea of what type of waste your hotel produces, roughly how much, how often and how it will be disposed of. By doing this you will be able to pick a bag that is strong enough to handle the weight of your trash and avoid those rips and tears. If you end up using a bag that's too thick for what's going in it you will literally be throwing your money away, and who likes that?

No matter the size of your property you most likely have a lot of different-sized rubbish bins in a variety of places. We offer tough, puncture-resistant and leak-proof bags to suit all of your commercial waste disposal needs. You can order different sizes based on your wheelie bin dimensions which makes cleaning up so much easier and quicker. 



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