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Housekeeping Cleaning Supplies NZ

Do you run or own a hotel or motel? Are you responsible for purchasing supplies for a hotel or motel? Do you run or purchase supplies for other types of accommodation? At Astro Hospitality, we have the house cleaning supplies you need.Whether you are a new business or what to change your supplier, we can help. We provide housekeeping supplies to companies in the hospitality and tourism industries in Auckland, elsewhere in New Zealand, and in the Pacific Islands.

We have an excellent reputation in the industry because of the standard of service and products we supply. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Excellent customer service from our friendly and highly responsive team. We understand the hotel and hospitality industries and the importance of having a reliable supplier of housekeeping consumables and equipment, as well as other items your business needs to purchase regularly. We’ll do everything possible to ensure you have what you need when you need it.
  • The products we supply are all high-quality. The guest-facing products are professionally presented in attractive packaging and will meet the expectations of those staying at your hotel or motel. The products and consumables that your staff use, including our housekeeping cleaning supplies, are of an equally high standard of quality.
  • We offer affordable prices too. We understand the need to constantly review your business operations to ensure you are always getting value for money from your suppliers. When we become your supplier for housekeeping cleaning supplies and consumables, you can have confidence in our prices as we conduct regular reviews to ensure they remain highly competitive.

In addition to the above, we always strive to improve our services, seeking out new products and innovating to improve our offering to clients.

Do you want to find out more? Would you like to open an account with us at Astro Hospitality or do you need to make a once-off purchase? Please get in touch with us today by calling 0800 466 966.

Housekeeping Consumable Products New Zealand

  • Gloves – a range of options to choose from including latex-free cleaning gloves, lightly powdered cleaning gloves, etc.
  • Mops – buckets, microfibre mops, telescopic mops, Kentucky mop heads, toilet brushes, dish brushes, and more.
  • Clothes and wipes – alcohol wipes, tea towels, antibacterial wipes, microfibre cloths, cotton dishcloths, etc.
  • Sprays and pumps – spray bottles, replacement spray triggers, plunger pumps, and more.
  • Sponges – sponge and scourers, cleaning pads, stainless steel scourers.
  • Detergents – laundry and dishwasher sachets.
  • Napkins – napkins available in a range of colours, both dinner and luncheon napkins.

Your One-Stop-Shop

We don’t just offer housekeeping cleaning supplies at Astro Hospitality. In fact, we can become your one-stop-shop for all hotel or motel consumables, products, and supplies. From tea, coffee, and kettles in guest rooms, to cleaning materials, toiletries, and washroom products, we offer everything you need.

Plus, by dealing with one supplier, you will save money and time. Purchasing the supplies that you need will also be less hassle than dealing with multiple companies. Please get in touch by calling 0800 466 966 to find out more.


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