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Toilet Paper & Tissue Suppliers

Hotel Toilet Tissues Supplier NZ

The often-overlooked players in the hotel supply chain are the toilet paper suppliers, yet no hotel business can reach its full potential without a constant and reliable supply of bulk toilet paper and bulk tissues.

In the New Zealand hospitality industry, Astro has become a trusted name as a hotel toilet paper wholesale supplier.  This did not happen by accident. We have worked hard to create a reputation for excellence in the supply of wholesale toilet paper and tissues to our many hotel and motel customers throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Leading Supplier of Hotel Toilet Tissues

The journey to becoming the top wholesale toilet paper suppliers in all of New Zealand started in 1998. Over the years, we've learned all the business lessons we needed to learn, so that today we're a leading hotel toilet tissue supplier, and we will still be tomorrow as well.

While it may not be immediately obvious, hotel toilet tissue supplies are essential to any New Zealand accommodation business. The choice of toilet paper you provide will have a discrete but noticeable impact upon the perception guests form about the overall quality of your business.

They may never know what it was that influenced their opinion, but the simple fact is details matter. In the fiercely competitive New Zealand accommodation market, you can't really afford to overlook anything in creating the perfect guest experience.

Huge Range of Toilet Paper Products to Choose From

Astro has a very wide selection of toilet paper products, so it shouldn't be any difficulty at all to find the right toilet paper for your hotel.

For brand name familiarity, you can't go past Kleenex, famous all around the world for decades as a manufacturer of quality tissue products. There's also a luxury embossed toilet paper from Kleenex which has 400 sheets per roll and is sold in cartons of 48.

Another embossed paper is available under the Vertu (this is our most popular brand as opposed to the PureEco). It has similar specifications to the Kleenex version, but with slightly lower cost.  Other fine quality brands we carry as tissue suppliers include 2nd Nature and Bay West.

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