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Richard Beatson


Reuben Beatson

Managing Director

Geoff Beatson

Director of Finance & Business Systems

Marcus Beatson

Director of Supply Chain

Greg Beatson

Director of Client Success

Braden Beatson


BenĀ Taylor

Client Success Specialist

Brent Foster

Client Success Specialist

Veronica Aris

Marketing Manager

Edman Hong

Marketing Assistant

Bryn Beatson

Client Success Support

Rilla Beatson

Client Experience Specialist

Brierley Ogilvie

Client Experience Specialist

Anton Whelan

Purchasing & Inventory Manager

Jeanine Fleming

Accounts Administrator

Tracey Gorrie

Sustainability Ambassador

Ryan Lamont

South Island Warehouse Team Leader

Hardeep Dhadra

North Island Warehouse Team Leader

SimonĀ Brisebois

South Island Warehouse Assistant

Mata Matthews

North Island Warehouse Assistant


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