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Hotel Clock Options for NZ Hoteliers


Bedside clocks can be a heavy pain point for your housekeeping team - having to reset the time if a guest has switched it off and the mistake of having alarms go off from previous guests can be a nightmare. Our clocks have been designed specifically for the hotel environment - single set alarms and time that can only be adjusted by your housekeepers is just the start. Most models also have USB charging points which are becoming more and more popular in an increasingly digital age.

The digital age has transformed the way that we all engage with technology. Almost every aspect of our lives is now programmable and so we have become accustomed to certain luxuries and conveniences. Those that are in the process of designing a new hotel, or refurbishing existing premises will undoubtedly consider whether there is any need for a hotel clock that sits on the bedside locker, given the ubiquity of smartphones and smart technology.


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