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An environmental cleaning solution that works!

The traditional cleaning process is to treat an area with chemicals allowing it to chemically react with the soil so it can be removed with agitation or flushed with water.
With Bio-Fresh it is the bio enzymes that do nearly all the work in a safer and more environmentally friendly way.

Bio-Fresh products contain non-pathogenic microbes. These good microbes produce enzymes that break down soiling, so it can be consumed by the microbes or washed away.

Bio-Fresh saves your staff time

Once the product is evenly distributed across the surface, it can be left to do its job. No need to rinse, saving time and additional water used with traditional products.

Why Bio-Fresh?

Non-Corrosive, Non-Flammable, Caustic Free, Neutralizes Odors, Environmentally Safe, No Combustible Materials & Safe for your cleaners.



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