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Top 5 Reasons Why JVD Appliances Are Sustainable

Sustainability is a focus for many hotels, and this comes down to every area of the guest room. In a world where appliances have become disposable items at the end of their lifetime, JVD has flipped this on its head and looked at how they can make the products last as long as possible.

Here are the top 5 reasons why JVD appliances are a sustainable option for your hotel:

1. Replaceable Parts
2. Combatting Planned Obsolescence
3. Power Reduction
4. Water Reduction
5. Appliance Functionality

1. Replaceable Parts

It seems crazy that just because your water filter cap breaks on your iron you have to send the whole appliance to the landfill. That is why JVD have spare parts when your cap, hairdryer filter or something else breaks you can just replace that particular part making it as good as new and ready to use for another few years. If you're wondering what some of the main hotel appliance parts that break or go missing here they are:

- Iron Water Caps
- Iron Steam & Spray Buttons
- Iron Water Cups
- Hairdryer Filter Caps & Nozzles
- Alarm Clock Power Cables
- Kettle Switches or Lids
- Safe Keypads

Since these parts are relatively small and don't take up too much space you can have one or two as backups in your storeroom so that if and when the part does break, you can easily replace them. This means getting your appliance back into action with little to no downtime in the room.

2. Combatting Planned Obsolescence

Trends move quickly, so in the domestic world, appliance manufacturers produce a certain mode and style for a short period of time. This means when you come to replace that appliance in a year or so, you can no longer get the same model you purchased last time.

JVD only produces products for hotels, so they don’t need to discontinue appliances as regularly to keep up with the latest trends. Some of the JVD appliances currently available have been produced for 15-20 years without any major changes. JVD aim to keep an appliance in production for at least 10 years which means your parts will be available for years after you purchase the appliance and allows you to create consistency across your hotel.

3. Power Reduction

Because JVD manufactures appliances specifically for the hospitality industry, not for domestic use, they really understand what concerns hotels have, and one of the biggest is power consumption.

Over the years JVD has really taken the steps to reduce power consumption across its entire appliances range and an example of this is a JVD kettle. A standard kettle is approximately 2400W, whereas a JVD kettle can be as low as 900W. This is because the size of the kettle is as little as 600ml, as opposed to a 1.7L domestic kettle. When you put this size kettle across a 200-room hotel the impact can be quite significant. Another example is the JVD Smart Compressor Minibar Fridge. The smart fridge has a programmable timed compressor so that it only runs when the guest is likely to be out of the room so it doesn’t disturb them during their stay. This feature is not only great for guests but also dramatically reduces the power consumption by roughly 50%.

4. Water Reduction

As mentioned earlier, JVD has manufactured a kettle that is 600ml which means the amount of water consumed is greatly reduced. When you use a domestic 1.7L kettle the guest usually fills it to the top and only uses a small portion of the water. Unfortunately, the remainder of the water invariably ends up down the drain. When you analyse how much water is used in a smaller kettle vs a 1.7L the water savings per room per night is pretty significant... especially when calculating this over a 200-room hotel. You could be saving up to 73,000 litres per annum!

5. Appliance Functionality

JVD has put a lot of time into researching how they can do to make the life of a housekeeper easier, and therefore extend the lifetime of the product. Here are some examples:

Iron Board Cover:
JVD has introduced a double-sided iron board cover so that when one side gets damaged, instead of sending the cover to the landfill, you turn the cover inside out and have a new one ready to go... yes it is that easy!

Curly Hairdryer Cord:
Primarily, a housekeeper will wrap the hairdryer cord around the handle of the hairdryer. This isn’t good for the cord and after 12 months, give or take, the wires become exposed. JVD has introduced the memory cord which extends 3 meters and prevents the cord from being wrapped around the handle.

Large Opening Kettles:
JVD kettles have a large opening lid. This means the housekeeping team can easily get their hand inside the appliance to clean it. When there is a small opening, it becomes too difficult for your housekeepers to clean the inside of the kettle. This can cause limescale build-up and if this or other residues aren't removed it can ultimately shorten the lifespan of the product.

Ceramic Soleplates on Irons:
The iron ceramic soleplates are a lot more durable and easier to clean than a standard Teflon or Stainless Steel. Ceramic is hard-wearing and easy to clean, you simply apply shipshape or Jif, and lightly rub it with a scourer to remove burn marks.

In summary, if you are seriously looking at the sustainability of your hotel an easy step to take is to ensure you have the most sustainable long-lasting in-room equipment... And JVD is a great place to start.

If you’re interested in learning how to make your hotel or motel more sustainable check out our recent article, or get in touch. We’d love to help you on your sustainability journey.


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