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The Hotel Dispenser Movement Part 5 | The Experience

Small toiletry bottles and tubes have become a staple for the traditional hotel guest experience, but following heavy criticism around single-use plastic, many hoteliers are starting to phase these individual amenities out and are looking for alternatives.

In 2019, Eco-Business, a business intelligence company dedicated to sustainable development, discovered that a 4-star hotel with 200 rooms used approximately 300,000 pieces of single-use plastic in a given month when at full capacity. This estimate included an astounding 49,765 plastic amenities and amenity packages.

The fifth and final concern Gary Leff raises in his article is around the Guest Experience and how “it’s not a premium experience” unless there are takeaways, such as the small individual toiletry bottles and tubes. While this may have been the case times have changed as today’s travellers have become savvier and savvier with their decisions and how products impact the planet. The Associate Minister for the Environment, Eugenie Sage, comments, “plastic has become one of our greatest environmental challenges and New Zealanders want urgent change in this area”.

With the vision of emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic with more awareness around sustainability, the effects of plastics and how incorrect waste disposal impacts the world Astro Hospitality, the industry’s most reputable supply partner, is focused on helping hotels align their business practices with New Zealand’s sustainability goals. By tackling sustainability at the operational level hotels are able to limit the environmental impact of even the most wasteful guests. And many of the sustainable practices offer cost savings that will increase your hotel’s overall profitability.

To ensure your hotel provides a superior guest experience, without the need for single-use plastics, Astro’s premium bathroom Smart Care Dispenser Systems are the go-to solution! With a contemporary design that is 100% tamper-proof this press and wash system meets sustainability requirements without losing sight of cost-effectiveness. The Smart Care System makes it easy for housekeeping to check the liquid levels via the side viewing pane or through the opacity of the bottle itself. This ensures the dispensers are always full eliminating any guest frustrations.

Offering single or double-bracket systems (screw-fix or self-adhesive) hotels can choose from liquid soap, shower gel, shampoo, hair & body shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion. For those interested in a Vegan-friendly option Astro’s Smart Care Natural Remedies range includes plant-based ingredients and organic-grade extracts. 

Once the dispenser bottles have reached their end of life it doesn’t mean they have to be thrown into the trash. With hotels continuing to look for key touchpoints to ‘wow’ guests, differentiate themselves and provide a superior experience Astro created The Hotel WEKA to do just that.

The Hotel WEKA is an end-to-end recycling program that stops used plastic toiletry bottles and tubes from going into the sea and landfills. The recycled plastic is remoulded by Future Post to create fenceposts for farmers, agriculture and other uses across New Zealand. This partnership not only helps fight the global battle against single-use plastic, but also helps save the planet, and makes it easy for your hotel to provide a superior guest experience.

If you’re looking to take action and make a difference one piece utilizing the eco-friendly Smart Care Dispenser Systems in conjunction with The Hotel WEKA is the answer. 

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