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New Zealand's First and Only Hotel Showroom is Now Open!

As a collaboration of industry leaders, we are proud to open New Zealand's first-ever hotel-specific showroom. In our quest to make it easy, inspire designers and excite clients Evoque Hotel Inspiration, based in Auckland, showcases the latest global trends and innovations. 

Within this showroom, we have set up a space we call The Cocoon. This area is focused on helping designers, owners and operators see how beautiful sustainability can be. With sustainability at the heart of it, The Cocoon enables hotels to create unique guest rooms with an authentic twist that will deliver superior guest experiences year around.

To get inspired come see our room displays with in situ products that are shown in a number of configurations. 

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Sabrina is a seasoned digital marketing manager with 10+ years of B2B & B2C experience in the tech and SaaS space. She is focused on building and implementing strategies that innovate, create awareness, and generate demand. Sabrina executes brand/product development through strategic alignment, passion, resolute focus, and inspired teams.