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Nature Meets Tradition

Inspired by the craftsmanship of pharmacists in the early 20th century, Naturals REMEDIES features a selection of the best formulations in a modern interpretation of traditional notes and organic grade ingredients.

As a modern interpretation of decade-old craftsmanship, Naturals REMEDIES unites a minimalistic design, proven plant ingredients and selected formulations with a modern fragrance of sparkling bergamot, fresh fig and comforting cedarwood. Organic grade extracts of sage, a plant known since hundreds of years for its healing properties, combined with either nettle, known for its stimulating benefits, or black currant, rich in vitamin C, round up the formulations.

Discover the best of past and present days with Naturals REMEDIES.

Key Features
  • Registered with the Vegan Society
  • 93-95 % of ingredients are of natural origin. 
  • Formulated with mild preservatives and without colourants, paraben- and silicone-free.
  • Plant-based ingredients and organic grade extracts
  • Modern, minimalistic packaging and tinted bottles to protect the precious ingredients from UV radiation.

About the author

Sabrina Justen

Sabrina is a seasoned digital marketing manager with 10+ years of B2B & B2C experience in the tech and SaaS space. She is focused on building and implementing strategies that innovate, create awareness, and generate demand. Sabrina executes brand/product development through strategic alignment, passion, resolute focus, and inspired teams.