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What is the best hotel hairdryer for me?

Every hotel owner has a different view on what the most important object in the guest room is… some might argue that the coffee machine should win the title while others think it should be the hairdryer. Choosing the right amenities for your rooms has the potential to change your guests’ attitudes and experiences from average to amazing.

Times have progressed from the days of having the hairdryers bolted to the walls so the guest couldn’t think about stealing them, to having high-end retail brands that add the “wow” factor to the guest experience. However, like many things today there are endless hairdryer options available, which makes choosing the right appliance for your hotel just that much harder.

Here are 5 key points you should consider when choosing a hairdryer that fits your property budget, and guests:

  1. Do I have largely corporate or leisure-based guests?
  2. Are my guests predominantly male or female?
  3. Is the hairdryer brand important?
  4. What features are a “non-negotiable”?
  5. Cost vs guest feedback.

We will break these down a bit more to help you understand what is most important for your business.

  1. Do I have largely corporate or leisure-based guests?

    As a hotel, you will know your guests the best out of anyone. Hotels like to be known for accommodating their target market which comes down to having every touch point in the room spot-on. If the majority of your guests are repeat corporate guests, then investing well in the hairdryer is critical and we recommend you carefully consider what model you choose. As an example, travelling corporates like to pack as little as possible in their bags so if your hotel can be relied on to have a great hairdryer with all the features then you are more likely to retain their repeat business. Knowing they can rely on your hotel speaks a thousand words.

    Unlike corporates, if your hotel is largely focused on leisure guests then the hairdryer is probably a less important amenity. Leisure travellers tend to have more time to relax and are less concerned about needing to look their sharpest all day. However, ensuring the hairdryer you choose is reliable and good quality is of course still very key.

  2. Are my guests predominantly female or male?

If your guest base is largely comprised of females then yes, having a very good, high-quality hairdryer is expected these days. It’s common knowledge amongst the ladies, that if they aren’t sure what type of hairdryer will be in a guest room they will pack their own, which can be inconvenient. So, this is where you have a fantastic opportunity to choose a great quality hair dryer and don’t forget to highlight this on your booking platforms. You will truly get repeat business from female corporates if they can rely on you.

If you usually have male guests stay at your hotel then it could be less important to invest in high-end hair dryers. However, if you can choose a premium, high-quality hairdryer, it will still be important to those gents that grow their locks long and to the female guests who book, so why not surprise them?

  1. Is the hairdryer brand important?

There are advantages and disadvantages associated with choosing retail brands, just like with non-retail brands, but it comes down to what’s most important to you and your guests.

Choosing a high-end retail brand is a very good idea when you want to align your hotel with a premium experience. As an example, GHD (which stands for Good Hair Day, by the way) is a globally renowned salon brand that is trustworthy, so treating your guests’ hair with the best of the best, and something they could expect from their hairdresser is a great way to connect with them.

There are other brands on the market that are still great options and very good quality, but your guest may not instantly connect to those brand reputations. However, if reliability and consistency is important then choosing a hotel-specific brand would be important.

  1. What hairdryer features are non-negotiable?

Over the years so many different hairdryer models have hit the market all of which claim to have the best features… so how do you know which one to pick?

When choosing the best fit for your hotel you of course want to ensure that the hairdryer caters to all hair types but there are some additional non-negotiables you need to consider:

  • Cooling Function:
    This is a cool shot button for the hot shot dudes and dudettes, which specifically cools down the hair with a blast of cold air to lock in their finished style.
  • Removable Nozzle:
    Hairdryers should have a removable nozzle for those that want to have concentrated airflow onto their hair. Whereas others want it blowing freely!

  • Ionizing:
    For those that tend to have frizzy hair, this is a must. It is an in-built system that works with varied hair types to ensure frizz-free hair. Making sure you don’t give someone a bad hair day is important!

  • High wattage:
    You should have a hair dryer that is minimum 1800w and ideally over 2000w to ensure the job is done as efficiently as possible for your guest.
  • Variable settings:
    To make the experience as flexible as possible for your guest, the appliance should have at least 2 airflow settings and at least 3 temperature settings. This will allow your guests to get the ideal setting while drying their hair.
  • Curly or retractable cords:
    To make it easy for your housekeeping team, there are different types of curly cord options. Some extend from 40cm to 2metres and spring back, another option is the retractable cord that winds up inside the hair dryer with the push of a button. Both options help save your team time when tidying up.
  1. Cost v Positive Guest Feedback

While some hotel operators are tempted to go with a cheap $20.00 hair dryer there are some downsides to this solution. Cheap hairdryers will not only slow your guests down but can also totally fry their hair!

Quality materials and the technology used to create the blow dryer can make all the difference to your guests. When it comes to online reviews, you don’t want your guests shouting to the world that your hotel is okay as long as expectations aren't too high and that the ladies should take their own hairdryer.

If you want to get repeat customers and raving fans, investing a little more in the humble hotel hair dryer will pay back many times and help generate positive guest reviews… Plus, ensuring your female corporates become ambassadors for your hotel can greatly highlight the fact your hotel goes above and beyond, ultimately making your hotel experience something to brag about.

So, while there are many things you need to think about before you finalise your purchasing decision, in the end, choosing the best hair dryer for your hotel comes down to knowing your guests. Are you getting heaps of business travellers who want to look their best? Or are your guests more focused on getting out and about to see the sights instead of worrying about their hair?

If you would like to see samples or discuss more, contact us – we are happy to help.

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