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Is having a fixed lid kettle right for my hotel?

The faithful hotel kettle is one of the biggest subjects of discussion with our clients and the stories around what a guest can do with this appliance is never-ending… which sparks the need for you to find the right model for your property. One of the common things we often get asked from hotel and motel operators is, “Do you sell kettles with fixed lids that don’t open?”

The answer is no, and for very good reasons!

The main one is because you can’t see what the state of the inside of the kettle is like. While having fixed-lid kettles could be seen as an attempt to stop guests from cooking food, such as noodles, or boiling milk this, unfortunately, doesn’t work. Your guests can still pour milk into the spout and boil it, and you wouldn’t have a clue until your next guest makes a cuppa. What an unpleasant surprise they’re in for!

So despite the fear of food or other things being put into the kettle it’s more important your housekeeping team can open the appliance to thoroughly clean it. Keeping your kettles clean not only prevents limescale from building up and floating in your guests’ tea but it also reduces your electricity consumption. How you might wonder? It is because the elements that head up the water are not covered in gunk or residue which means the kettle takes less time to boil the water.

One way to overcome your concerns is by using the 600ml JVD Marquise kettle. With its compact design, at only 178mm high, this deters your guest from attempting to cook in them because it isn’t really big enough for a pot of noodles.

So… while you can search the market for kettles with secured lids, we’d highly recommend going with something your team can easily clean and maintain. This will not only save you time and money but ensure you have hygienic and sparkling clean kettles which of course will help eliminate any guest complaints. And no one ever wants those.

To help you find the right kettle and size for your property check out our recent article to get the answers to the most commonly asked questions. Or if you’re unsure about how to clean your kettle we’ve got the top 5 tips to help you out.

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