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Do I really need an alarm clock in my room?

Although bedside alarm clocks may seem old hat and guests tend to use their smartphones, there is more to an alarm clock these days than ever before. We are often asked the question, “Do I need to put an alarm clock in my guest rooms?”

So here are some things to think about that will hopefully help you to make the right decision for both yourself and your guests.

While younger generation travellers, like millennials, may prefer using their phone alarm clock functions, older travellers, like the boomers, who may not be up to date with technology, do still use the clock you provide. Even your guests that are used to using a bedside clock at home expect it to be on the nightstand in their hotel room.

However, with technology advancing, we have seen the bedside alarm clock evolve to include modern technology, to give the alarm clock other useful functions for all travellers even if they don’t use the clock itself. Choosing the right alarm clock is an easy and cost-effective way to bring your room up to date with the latest technology. Like having a great Bluetooth speaker, USB charging port or the latest addition is a wireless charging option.

  • USB Ports:
    USB ports can be a lifesaver for your guests, especially international travellers because they may not have an NZ adaptor for their phones or devices. Since a USB is universal they can simply plug in, charge up, and they’re ready to rock and roll.
  • Wireless Charging:
    Some of the most recent alarm clocks now come with the functionality of wireless charging, which means your guests don’t even need to get out their charging cable. No doubt you've had those late-night calls to reception asking for a phone charger because the guest has left theirs at home. With this option, they can simply place their phone or device on the special pad, and boom… it recharges. Adding convenience to your guests' lives is key which is why so many new hotels are introducing this feature to their bedsides and desks.

If you’re wondering which make or model to choose for your property a big winner is the hotel-specific alarm clocks, which are a bit different to your domestic option. One of the key differences is the one-time set alarm. If your guest sets the alarm for today it will turn off the next day, unless they set it again. This saves the frustration of your next guest getting woken up at 4 am thanks to the previous guest’s alarm setting! And also saves your housekeeper time, not having to check whether the alarm clock is set and turn it off.

So as you can see, the alarm clock has evolved to become more than a device to tell the time and set an alarm. It is now another way you can improve the guest experience by introducing features that make their life easier during their stay.

In this increasingly digital age, you have plenty of options to choose from that will accommodate all of your guest’s needs, and eliminate the pain points of the current models. If you want to learn more about retail vs hotel-specific appliances check out our recent article: Should I use retail or hotel-specific appliances in my hotel?

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