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What is the best toilet paper for my hotel or motel?

When it comes to choosing the right toilet paper for your hotel, the devil is certainly in the detail. Your guests can tell a lot about your hotel by the quality of the guest room toilets and even more so by the quality of the toilet paper.

It might be crazy to think small things like this can make such a big difference to your guest experience, but it does. It can actually define your guests’ first impressions, which is why your hotel should really do toilet paper well.

We’ve asked the experts how the world’s most luxurious hotels are treating their customer’s derrières and we’ve got the answers to help you.

2ply vs 3ply:

As a hotelier, there has always been a debate around which ply to go with and what the actual difference is.

As with any product, there are different levels of quality, and the same can be said for 2-ply toilet paper. If you decide to select the most basic and inexpensive type it could actually feel the same as 1-ply, which can be a bit abrasive. On the other hand, if you choose a deluxe or premium 2-ply toilet paper at a slightly higher cost your guests will experience a significant difference in thickness and softness, which can actually feel like 3-ply.

When comparing options, 3-ply is stronger and more absorbent than 2-ply. If you choose to invest in 3-ply you’re getting the best paper. Because its more comfortable and thicker your guests will use fewer sheets which makes the roll last longer. When it comes to creating a luxury experience, deluxe 2-ply and 3-ply are the perfect fit for all your guests, including the VIPs.

Unwrapped vs Wrapped Toilet Paper Rolls:

Presentation matters when you’re creating a superior guest experience which is why there are always discussions around which option to choose; unwrapped vs wrapped toilet paper.



  • This type of toilet paper is affordable and reliable which makes it a good fit for any hospitality establishment.

  • Using unwrapped toilet paper has many sustainable benefits like reducing packaging waste and saving water. Did you know it takes roughly 37 gallons of water to make a single roll of toilet paper!? And looking beyond the water savings there are a lot of trees that are being preserved too.

  • Plus, unwrapped toilet paper makes life easy for your housekeeping team because they don’t need to worry about the outer wrap looking torn, worn or poorly presented. 


  • Since the toilet paper roll isn’t wrapped it can be seen as less hygienic. For example, during transit from the manufacturer to your hotel the rolls can become dusty and dirty. And when the toilet paper is in your guest bathroom it can be affected by moisture which may end up ruining your pristine rolls.

  • Going unwrapped can sometimes be perceived as being less luxurious by your guests.


  • Having elegantly wrapped, eye-catching toilet paper signals you’re a bit different and can make your hotel more memorable to your guests.

  • It can also be a powerful tool if you’re trying to tell a story. If your wrap stands out and captives your guests they could be enticed to shout about it online… and who doesn’t love good reviews?!

  • Most importantly having wrapped toilet paper not only looks clean it is more hygienic. With a protective layer over the roll itself, your guests don’t need to worry about unwanted germs, dust or dirt potentially touching their behinds. 


  • It can create more waste due to having to unwrap the paper off the toilet roll, either by your team or the guest themselves.

Since toilet paper is one necessity you’ll find in just about every home and business having reasonable quality toilet paper for your guests is a no-brainer. If you really want to impress you can also up your game by choosing an embossed option. This type of paper stands out thanks to the interesting patterns, like flowers or geometric shapes, displayed on the sheets. Guests can often recognize these different brand designs and become loyal to the product.

So, in summary, while it’s important to save money it’s equally important to ensure the toilet paper you choose for your hotel or motel is able to complete its responsibilities as effectively as possible and with the least amount of discomfort to your guests.

If you aren’t sure which what’s best for your property or you’re looking to make a switch Six for Good’s luxury embossed toilet tissue is a great option. This range is not only sustainably sourced, and FSC Certified with zero-plastic packaging it is focused on supporting six Kiwi charities for disadvantaged children. Click to learn more…

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