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What is The Hotel WEKA?

When it comes to plastics in the hospitality industry you’re most likely aware those small bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash have played a vital role in the traditional hotel experience. They’ve been viewed as a staple amenity for many years but following heavy criticism around single-use plastic this perception has changed, and sustainability has been the catalyst for this.

As a result of hotels needing to find a solution for their used, or partly used, small toiletry bottles The Hotel WEKA was founded by Astro Hospitality. The Hotel WEKA is an end-to-end recycling program that makes it easy for hotels to remove and dispose of their plastic waste in a sustainable way rather than being sent to landfills.

Since plastic is one of the most versatile materials we use it’s around us all the time, whether we’re at work, at home, in a hotel or on holiday. With the prevalence of plastics, also means there’s a very large amount we have to dispose of. So, why is recycling plastic so important?

Let’s put it this way - for every ton of plastic your hotel recycles 5.6 cubic meters of landfill space is saved. In real terms that’s roughly 45 standard packaging boxes. Now imagine that against the whole industry over the past decades and the ones to come, that’s a lot!

That’s why The Hotel WEKA is a great partnership for New Zealand Hotels. This environmental program is focused on helping you make a difference one piece at a time. It doesn’t matter if you are still using small individual toiletries or have shifted to the larger soap dispensers. Once the bottles are empty, or even partially empty, plastic waste is being created that should be recycled. The Hotel WEKA will help you with that – no problem at all.

You may be thinking it’s impossible to recycle partly used bottles because the liquid needs to be removed before you can recycle them. The good news is The Hotel WEKA will take it all because we want to make it as easy as possible for you to pave a new sustainable way forward.

This is how The HOTEL WEKA works:

To create a sustainable future we take your used plastic toiletries such as dispensers, bottles and tubes and crush them into recyclable chips.

The recycled chips are sent to Future Post, New Zealand's leading manufacturer of quality plastic products for the conventional and specialised sectors (eg. vineyards, agriculture, marine industries, etc). Future Post then uses the material to create plastic fences and posts that are as strong as timber, and 100% sustainable.

This environmental partnership not only helps save the planet but also enhances your eco-conscious guest experience.

With hotels continuing to look for critical touchpoints to ‘wow’ guests, differentiate themselves and provide a superior experience The Hotel WEKA does just that. This program not only helps your hotel save the planet but also enhances your eco-conscious guest experience.

To learn more about The Hotel WEKA and help fight the global battle against plastic waste visit or contact our team below.


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