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The 2023 Hotel Interior Design Trends

Hotel Interior designs come and go, so if you are planning to redesign your property or do a quick refresh, you are most likely looking at the upcoming trends for inspiration. After all, if you are spending the time and resources, you want to focus on concepts that are not only aesthetically pleasing, authentic and unique but also cater to the next generation of guests. 

Here are the hotel interior design trends we expect to see in 2023:


When it comes to consumers, there is now a strong emphasis on ecotourism, with sustainability at the heart of it. In 2023 and beyond, hoteliers will be utilizing sustainable interior design trends as an innovative point of difference to attract guests. Here are some pro-sustainability concepts you can implement:

  • Supporting NZ Made products as key design features.
  • Stocking rooms with energy-efficient and water-saving technology.
  • Look for ways to tell sustainability stories in your interior design.
  • And many others…
Flexible Spaces: 

There’s no doubt that Covid has changed how businesses and people operate. From hybrid working models to flexible working hours and a rapidly growing freelance market, the differentiation between standard operating hours and non-working hours has never been more blurred. So, what does this mean for hotels? 

Hotels should create spaces that accommodate flexible working and are social, relaxing and comfortable. The spaces need to be able to do it all to satisfy this new guest experience. That's where intelligent designs can bring your unique concepts to life. Guests are constantly on the lookout for points of differentiation when it comes to booking their stay. So, ask yourself, 'What does my hotel offer that is unique?' It could be a range of things from style and location to history. Whatever your answer is, incorporate that into your interior designs and guest storytelling, and you will have a winner. 


For many guests, staying in a hotel signifies an opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle. It gives them time to rest their mind and body from the day-to-day stresses. As such, when it comes to designing your interiors and architecture, carefully consider the well-being and health of your guests. 

  • Living Well: 
    A design trend that is rapidly gaining momentum is based on health and fitness. Hotels are going above and beyond by creating yoga studios, meditation spaces, well-being rooms and fitness centres to ensure wellness is built into their guests' experience.
  • Lighting for Wellness:
    Your hotel room should be the ultimate relaxation space for your guests. Having customisable lighting can deliver this and also ensure they get their best rest.
  • Multi-Sensorial Design:
    Incorporating multi-sensorial design experiences can support your guest's mental well-being.
    Some things to think about:
    • Soft vs. rough materials. 
    • Warm vs. cool materials. 
    • Smooth vs. raised. 
    • Plants vs. artificial accessories.
    • Earth tones vs. bright accent paints
Earth Tones:

The 2023 paint options for hotels are chic, contemporary and calming. When we say earth tones, we don’t just mean varying shades of tans, greys, and browns but colours inspired by nature, specifically sage green, terracotta and lavender. With well-being and sustainability at the forefront of many design agendas, the serenity that comes from nature-inspired tones can create an emotional connection between the guest and the space. Lavender is said to be the 'Show Stopper' of colours as it promotes cheerfulness and peacefulness. You can also pair these warmer earth tones with brighter accent colours to transform the mood of your hotel spaces.

Luxurious Furnishings & Accessories:

When you design your interiors in 2023, you can be functional and practical without sacrificing aesthetics. One trend we are expecting to see is softer furnishings, like layered fabrics, more velvet and plush. This balance creates a cosy yet luxurious atmosphere. 

2023 is all about creating that wow factor. To stay ahead of the competition, offer on-trend sustainable room accessories in your guest rooms. You can also treat your guests to luxury body care ranges and toiletries which make a statement.


Technologies are constantly evolving with the Internet of Things (IoT), and with this comes rapidly changing consumer demands. There’s no doubt the concept of ‘smart hotel rooms’ will continue to shape the future of the hospitality industry, which is why business owners are adapting their 2023 interior designs. Including digital convenience in your rooms enables your guests to have greater control of their environment. It also offers a seamless experience with comfortability in mind. 

 To be an innovator, here are some state-of-the-art technology options you can include in your designs: 

  • Personalized room controls
  • Wireless charging
  • Provide the latest on-trend appliances 
  • Automatic curtains & temperature sensors.
  • Virtual Reality, Keyless Entry, Mobile app check-ins & Digital concierges.
  • Automate your in-room lighting and entertainment systems with voice control. 
  • And much more… 

Another benefit of IoT, aside from security, is that data is collected. Understanding your occupancy rates and consumer behaviours will enable your team and property to succeed. 

Create Moments of WOW:

Nowadays, when it comes to choosing accommodation, people look at social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and even Pinterest in search of inspiration from trusted influencers, wanderlust travel accounts or reliable sources they’ve seen before. Toni Brandso, Director & Interior Designer at Material Creative, says, “Hotels designed around experience with moments of surprise and wow will entice your guests to go viral on social media.” 

After several years of being restricted by the pandemic, it’s the right time for hoteliers to inject a new sense of life into their properties and activities to ensure your guests become repeat customers. Having a strong online presence makes your property a desirable place to stay and helps your hotel gain recognition in the industry. 

Final Thoughts: 

To be successful your interior designs should strike that essential balance between sustainability, having an artful overlay with a strong focus on furnishings and lighting, and creating an authentic sense of place. By evolving your designs and including immersive travel experiences your guests will book with optimism and anticipation. You’ll be ‘THE’ hotel they won’t forget!

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